Front-Line Fire Protection, LLC Provides Fire Sprinkler Inspections in Boston, Massachusetts

February 20, 2017 in: Fire Safety

There are a lot of residences and commercial enterprises in Massachusetts. If your residence or business has a fire sprinkler system, then you’ll want to inspect it annually. We, at Front‑Line Fire Protection, LLC offer fire sprinkler inspections year‑round in Massachusetts.

Why do I need a fire sprinkler inspection for my home or business?

For one thing, it’s required by law. Usually, once a year is enough. In some places, you will need fire sprinkler inspections more often. You should check with your local jurisdiction to see what regulations are currently on the books. Fire sprinkler inspections are done to ensure that your fire protection system works properly to protect both life and property. Regular fire sprinkler inspection and testing methods are outlined by the NFPA standards. You will want your inspection and testing to be performed by a properly licensed, trained, and competent person.

That’s where Front‑Line Fire Protection, LLC comes in.

The employees at Front‑Line Fire Protection, LLC are properly trained and more than competent to inspect your fire sprinklers in the state of MA. Our fire sprinkler inspections meet the requirements of the NFPA as well as state and local codes and insurance carrier requirements. We perform quarterly, semiannual and annual fire sprinkler inspections. Why? We do this to ensure that your fire sprinkler system is operating optimally and meets current regulations.

What could happen if I don’t get a fire sprinkler inspection?

If you don’t get a fire sprinkler inspection at least annually, you can face some fines from city and state governments. You may lose your insurance without a fire sprinkler inspection. Insurance companies usually require a current inspection of your sprinkler system to keep your property insurance intact. Why? It proves that you’re taking care of your property and that it is being protected from fire damage and loss of life.

What can I expect to happen at my fire sprinkler inspection?

At Front‑Line Fire Protection, LLC, we pride ourselves on our diligence and meticulousness. We inspect every aspect of your fire sprinkler system. Of course, different types of sprinklers need to be inspected in different ways. If you’ve had your fire sprinkler installed by us, then it’s much easier for us to do fire sprinkler inspections for you. However, we can handle fire sprinkler inspections for any type of equipment you have. During your fire sprinkler inspection, you can expect us to inspect valves to make sure they’re in good condition. This includes checking on whether they are open or closed. Are they properly sealed, locked or supervised? Are they accessible in case of an emergency? Are they free of external leaks and damage? They should also be appropriately labeled.

We also:
• Inspect all gauges to verify that they are in good, working condition.

• Check water flow alarm and supervisory alarm devices for physical damage.

• Look over fire department connections to make sure they’re visible
and undamaged.

• Inspect all sprinkler heads including their piping and fittings.

• And much, more.

With Front‑Line Fire Protection, LLC, you can be sure that your fire sprinkler inspections in Massachusetts will be done professionally and thoroughly. We invite you to visit our website at for more information. We look forward to working with you. Keeping your home or business safe is our top priority.

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