Fire Sprinkler Contractor in Massachusetts

April 11, 2016 in: Fire Sprinkler Contractor

According to statistics from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), damage caused by fires in commercial and residential buildings can be reduced by 40 to 70% when a properly installed and functioning fire protection sprinkler system is present. Front-Line Fire Protection is the premier fire sprinkler contractor in Massachusetts offering expert new construction and retrofitting installation, of the most reliable, state of the art fire sprinkler systems in the industry. Front-Line Fire Protection has been in business for many years and was founded by a man who worked his way up in the fire sprinkler industry from apprentice, to manager, and eventually to owner / operator of his own fire sprinkler contractor corporation in Massachusetts. Front-Line Fire Protection can handle all of your fire sprinkler needs in both commercial and residential properties in eastern and central Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire.

Once a fire sprinkler system has been installed in a commercial or residential building, it should be maintained regularly and periodically updated to meet new regulation requirements. Regular maintenance will help ensure that your fire sprinkler system will function at peak performance in the event of a fire. If there’s ever an issue or malfunction with your sprinkler system, Front-Line Fire Protection maintains a 24 hour emergency contact line where you can report fire sprinkler malfunctions and make emergency repair requests.

While fire protection is something that nearly every homeowner thinks about, not many consider or understand the benefits of installing a fire sprinkler system in their single family residence. The fact is that automatic fire sprinkler systems can be installed in residential units from single family homes to multifamily homes like condominiums and apartment buildings. As an experienced fire sprinkler contractor in Massachusetts, Front-Line Fire Protection can install NFPA 13, NFPA 13D, and NFPA 13R sprinkler systems in residential homes across eastern and central Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. After installation of your fire sprinkler system, we can perform quarterly, semiannual, and annual testing of your fire sprinkler system. In addition to fire sprinkler systems, we also test fire hydrants, fire pumps, and more. Each test includes a report of our inspection findings for your records.

As a small business founded by a fire sprinkler expert who worked his way from the bottom of the industry to the top of his own fire sprinkler contractor corporation in Massachusetts, all of us at Front-Line Fire Protection know the value of hard and honest work and we consistently reach our goal of performing every new construction installation, retrofitting installation, and repair on time and on budget. To show our commitment to the highest of fire sprinkler industry standards, we’re also proud members of the National Fire Protection Association and the American Fire Sprinkler Association, two of the most respected trade associations in the fire safety industry. We are a Massachusetts licensed fire sprinkler contractor and fully bonded and insured for the work that we do.

In addition to our professional credentials and experience, Front-Line Fire Protection also promises to make every fire sprinkler system installation, renovation, and repair as convenient and stress free as possible.

When you need a fire sprinkler contractor in Massachusetts or southern New Hampshire think Front-Line Fire Protection. Contact us today. Phone: (978) 655-7002, Fax: 978-824-2557.

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